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Angus 9 sales, 12 semen sales   (published sires)
Belmont   (published sires)
Brahman 3 sales, 1 semen sale   (published sires)
Brangus   (published sires)
Charolais 6 semen sales   (published sires)
Droughtmaster 3 semen sales   (published sires)
Herefords Australia 10 sales, 13 semen sales   (published sires)
Limousin 1 sale, 11 semen sales   (published sires)
Murray Grey 1 sale, 3 semen sales   (published sires)
Performance Herds Australia   (published sires)
Red Angus   (published sires)
Santa   (published sires)
Shorthorn 13 semen sales   (published sires)
Simmental 1 semen sale   (published sires)
South Devon   (published sires)
TEST Simmental 1 semen sale   (published sires)
Wagyu 9 semen sales   (published sires)
Angus Argentino   (published sires)
Charolais NZ 4 sales   (published sires)
Limousin New Zealand   (published sires)
Murray Grey New Zealand 1 sale   (published sires)
NZ Angus 12 sales, 1 semen sale   (published sires)
NZ Hereford 3 sales, 2 semen sales   (published sires)
NZ Shorthorn 1 sale   (published sires)
NZ Simmental 3 sales   (published sires)
NZ South Devon 2 sales   (published sires)
TEST NZ Simmental   (published sires)
Aberdeen-Angus 2 semen sales   (published sires)
Beef Shorthorn 1 sale   (published sires)
Belgian Blue 1 semen sale   (published sires)
British Charolais 3 sales, 15 semen sales   (published sires)
Hereford 1 sale, 1 semen sale   (published sires)
Simmental 2 sales   (published sires)
South Devon 1 semen sale   (published sires)
Limousin   (published sires)
SA Brahman 1 sale, 1 semen sale   (published sires)
Simbra 1 sale, 4 semen sales   (published sires)
Simmentaler 4 sales, 4 semen sales   (published sires)
South African Brangus   (published sires)
Brahman   (published sires)
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Note: Please avoid setting up a new $Index in the two weeks beginning 24 October 2016. The function for setting up a new $Index will be unavailable in that period due to necessary site maintenance.

The capacity to view other countries' Indexes for your animals; or animals of other countries using your Index (breed-standard or customised) is now available

The site includes the capacity to develop & apply your own $Index on-line. 
Inspect the Charts to learn about your $Index - from the Results page, go Choose $Index, View Chart.
All EBV access occurs on-line. All facilities are currently FREE.
Access can also occur from breed sites. If preferred, breed site animal enquiries can be transferred for applying own $Indexes. Check with your breed.  
On-line EBV access is by arrangement with the Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI) and your Breed Society

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